10 Affordable International holiday packages
for your Eid al-Adha


In 2019 the "Festival of the Sacrifice" will begin this Sunday, August 11 and end four days later on Thursday, August 15. The festival marks the prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son for Allah, but his son was then replaced with a lamb. Millions of Muslims around the world will gather to mark one of the holiest days in the religious calendar. Large groups get together to pray while enjoying feasts and wearing their best clothing. Traditionally, the festival lasts for four days but public holidays vary around the world - with Arab countries observing a nine-day public holiday so that’s how we know how to allocate these days as your pleasure and places that you can visit around the world internationally on this holiday would definitely surprise you as offers on the international packages are running through the market right now.

Let us see what are the International packages that you can grab in this festive season:-

Number spot goes to Bali:-

The sun-kissed island in Indonesia is a sight to behold with the lush green vistas, Halal-friendly resorts and food, river-rafting waters and adventures like deep-sea diving and surfing. Perfect for a family holiday or couple’s getaway. Bali is just few hours away from most GCC destinations.

Weather during Eid (average): High: 27°C, Low: 22°C.

Second on the list is Maldives:-

Do you know is best known for its affordable paradisiacal International honeymoon packages, one an Arab traveler Ibn Battuta once said for Maldives that is “one of the wonders of the world,” and you wouldn’t be surprised why when you holiday in this colorful archipelago.

Weather during Eid (average): High: 30°C, Low: 26°C. Expect showers and wind.

We bet you have not heard about Zanzibar:-

The incredibly rich history and the amazing family-friendly beaches and spots put Zanzibar, Tanzania as a favorite holiday destination.

Weather during Eid (average): High: 29°C, Low: 21°C.

One of the best is Baku:-

The capital city of Azerbaijan has the best International travel packages for the travel lovers, it is an interesting amalgam of Europe and Middle East as its architectural playground oscillates between the style of Paris and Dubai.

Weather during Eid (average): High: 31°C, Low: 22°C.

We simply cannot forget to count the Istanbul:-

At the crossroads of two continents, Asia and Europe, Istanbul is a melting pot of cultures. From historical buildings to busy cobbled streets, it is a perfect cultural destination for Eid al-Adha holiday escape.

Weather during Eid (average): High: 28°C, Low: 19°C.

The most unique one yet to travel - Yerevan:-

From the soviet-inspired architecture to the humble locals and amazing spots, the Pink city of Armenia, Yerevan is one of those destination that will surprise you with its simplicity and beautiful view.

Weather during Eid (average): High: 34°C, Low: 20°C.

The friendliest place around – Tbilisi

A complex mix of cultures and influences makes Tbilisi, a must visit Eid al-Adha holiday escapade. With its stone houses that are built around the vine-draped courtyards, the Georgian city has a colorful Mediterranean atmosphere.

Weather during Eid (average): High: 31°C, Low: 19°C.


One of Oman’s most popular spot, Salalah has splendid beaches and banana plantations. Popular amongst families who look for beach holidays without moving away from the Arabian Desert.

Weather during Eid (average): High: 27°C, Low: 24°C.


With the perfect blend of ancient-modern metropolises, the longstanding history, breathtaking natural landscapes, Alexandria offers an unbelievable experience for everyone.

Weather during Eid (average): High: 31°C, Low: 24°C.

Our favorite - Colombo

From rich wildlife and majestic mountains to scintillating beaches, Colombo has everything for everyone as it holds one of the best International tour packages for family, your sojourn in this paradise will stay close to your heart forever.

Weather during Eid (average): High: 30°C, Low: 26°C.

From all these destinations you select one for your International tour packages for family, these places are easily accessible and from India you have wide options to travel, you will get flights on a good rate and also it will fall under your pocket as well.

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