Arabian Tales to remember in your International tour packages Dubai


Why September is most preferred time to visit:-

Dubai is a one-stop destination unlike any other, as this city is on the urge to become most alluring destinations in the world. With magnificent architectural marvels of the world, this super stylish city has everything to offer you, from luxurious shopping destinations, daunting deserts and lavish lifestyle. Dubai is a place where you will find everything, enhancing the experiences for every type of traveler; this destination has everything for all ages. Your International tour packages Dubai in September calls for its cool weather as in the mid year, heat is another intensity level, apart from Dubai organize numerous events at this time also and new arrivals at the shopping destinations.

Yet this place is all year destination, but the weather in Dubai in September is much better than the peak of August. As the weather of Dubai is nice and favorite among all larger amounts of European travelers. The climatic conditions are cooler than in August and make traveling around this magnificent city much more fun but the temperature lies around 38 degrees Celsius, thus this help this city to be more beautiful and its allows to witness the attractive landmarks of the city satisfactory. Apart from that warm climate attracts huge influx of travelers to the lavish resorts of Dubai, it is said that International tour packages Dubai is one of the hottest holiday destinations of summer and heck of luxurious experience is waiting for you.

5 top-notch places to Visit in your International tour packages Dubai in September:-

This UAE city in September extravagant as the weather allows numerous places to visit; this city can take away the breath of the travelers with its sky scrapper sky line and elegant sculptures. Thus it makes the perfect spot for your budget honeymoon packages Dubai because it can offer you from low end facilities to high end.

1. We bet you have never heard of Bastakiya (Old Dubai):-

Old Dubai was built in the 19th century; it is a perfect location to visit for those travelers who are willing to explore this ancient city. Bastakiya is home to buildings constructed with creek, corals and limestone’s that have been well preserved since the days of the ancient city and it makes the perfect spot to add up in the International tour packages Dubai, that you can’t afford to miss.

Traveling on budget honeymoon packages Dubai:-

Travel Dubai in Luxury. Visit grand Burj Khalifa or the breathtaking Palm Islands. Enjoy Dhow Cruise, International Buffet Dinner, Dubai City Tour, Desert Safari, Ferrari World and Abu Dhabi City Tour.

2. Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House:-

Imagine home turned in to museum in Dubai, Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House is an magnificent Arabian architecture. When it was started to construct, the museum was used as a residential area by Sheikh Saeed’s father. Now Dubai embassy has turned this building into Dubai Museum of Historical Photographs and Documents, exhibiting charming ancient photographs of the old city of Dubai.

3. Jumeirah Mosque of Dubai catches the eye:-

Biggest places of worship in Dubai, Jumeirah Mosque are an elegant Islamic architecture. This Mosque was constructed with help of stones and now its home of two magnificent minarets. History lovers loves to visit here to get a better understanding of the Muslim religion and they make sure not to miss this spot while on their International tour packages Dubai.

4. Largest hotel steals the show (Burj-Al Arab):-

Dubai is a destination that is full of record-breaking architectural marvels. Burj-Al Arab, the world’s largest hotel being one of them. Situated in the manmade island on the coastline of Dubai, Burj-Al Arab is one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels that offer magnificent views of the sea along with excellent services and facilities.

5. Beautiful Kite Beach:-

Pure white sand beach and pristine blue water, this beach is heaven on UAE continent, Kite Beach has been situated at the south end of Jumeirah beach that offers numerous activities to its travelers. This beach also allows lover to take part in various water sports such as kite surfing, parasailing and let them have their best time of lives on their budget honeymoon packages Dubai.

Top Things to Do In International tour packages Dubai In September:

Dubai in September offers varied experiences that make this an escapade experience. Don’t miss these things in your Dubai trip!

Ever wanted to see the world from Bird’s Eye View, then Burj- Khalifa is the place for you!

With 168 floors this is the largest skyscraper in the whole wide world it is an architectural marvel, with length of 828 meters, it has everything from hotels to bars, and Burj Khalifa has two levels, one with the entire restaurant, lounges, and another desk offers terrific views of the lavish city of Dubai.

6. Ski Dubai: Escape the Summer Sun

Top travel agencies in Chandigarh providing a perfect opportunity to escape the soaring heat of Dubai in September 2019, Ski Dubai is the only snow park housing in the rich city. Giving visitors an opportunity to mingle with the exotic species of Penguins, make snowmen and snow angels, skiing at their full speed and play around in the white snow, Ski Dubai is a destination for anyone and everyone, irrespective of their ages.

Traveling to Dubai In September all you can ask for with evening safaris, shopping sprees, skiing, and much more the experiences to be a part of in Dubai are never-ending. This city has the richness and lavishness. As said by most of the tourist they do not risk to miss all these spot in their International tour packages Dubai. So, after getting answers to all the questions that might have popped up in the head when thinking about a holiday, plan your escape to Dubai and lose yourself in the luxury, calmness, and comfort of this ever so gorgeous destination from tour and travel in Chandigarh and get all the answers to your questions. These top travel agencies in Chandigarh have great offers and tie- ups with the best hotels around!

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