Why Group Travel Is Proven More Beneficial
By Best Chandigarh Travel Agent


While travelling solo definitely has its benefits, travelling in a group is an incredible way to see the world. Besides avoiding the loneliness that travelling solo brings from time to time, there are a host of amazing benefits to group travel are like getting the best affordable vacations.

let us take a look at the benefits without wasting time:

1. You won’t be alone you will have drinking buddies:

Nobody wants to be that lone guy (or gal) sitting at the bar, but for the solo traveller, that’s going to be the reality from time to time. When you’re rolling with a crew, you’ve always got party people on your side! Need backup singers for karaoke? Need a wing-girl for that cute guy playing pool? Somebody’s got your back. Need help walking home after a few too many shots? We’ve got you covered for that, too.

2. The more in the number you guys are, the safer and strong you are:

Not that travel is inherently any more dangerous than living at home, but everyone feels out of their element and exposed from time to time when you’re on the road. Travelling in a group means you’ll spend less time worrying about getting lost and getting ripped off, and more time having a great time. From the Full Moon Party to New Year’s Eve in San Juan Del Sur when you’re in a group, everyone has each other’s back, one more point proved to be heavy by the coolest Chandigarh travel agency but it’s always nice to know that you’re with folks who are looking out for one another.

3. Group Discounts:

As a solo traveller, you’ll pay more for cabs and activities because it’s just you (rooms too). When you’re with your friends, you’ll get the double benefit of having people to enjoy sweet activities with, and you’ll usually save money with a group discount. Having a group also means you’ll get to take part in unique activities that are inaccessible to solo travellers, want to rent a sailboat for the day? Have a paintball tournament? Hike to a remote area of the Northern Philippines? STAY ON YOUR PRIVATE ISLAND? Sometimes having a crew to split the cost is the only way to make it happen for your luxury International packages.

4. Sharing is Caring:

Another good point that has been shared by the coolest travel agency in Chandigarh is that if you are With ten or fifteen or twenty friends taking pictures, you're likely going to be captured in some great shots. Excellent news as the law of travel dictates that somebody always loses his or her camera. If it’s you, no worries, your travel buddies have been photo-documenting your journey since day one! Finished your novel? Swap it with your roommate’s! Lost your bank card? EMT your cash to your travel buddy and keep the good times rolling!

5. The Post-Trip Blues:

Possibly the worst thing about travelling solo is that once you return from an epic journey and people want to talk about it, there is nobody else who was there to experience it with you and understand what you went through. When you travel with a group, you’ve got an instant support group once your journey ends. Reunion parties and re-living your wonderful memories with those friends are some of the most incredible benefits to travelling in a group. You’ll have unforgettable stories to share with friends who became like family on that amazing trip you shared!

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