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Similarly to your presumptions towards traveling, we render the best and budget-friendly deals for every tourist destination. We ensure every single facet to provide you a pleasant and trouble-free journey so that you can accumulate amazing memories. We solicitude about your traveling aspirations, hence we always represent economical international and domestic tour packages. These packages are available for all travel enthusiasts at our 24/7 helpline number. You can call to book cost-effective packages for your favorite tourist destination. Our experts will handle your queries and provide you the best guidance and assistance. We are among the best travel agents in Chandigarh and abided towards our travelers’ comforts and quality services. Being the best travel company in Chandigarh, we provide our clients with step-by-step guidance offering a pleasurable trip. We ensure our quality services to prevent any inconvenience in your pathway.

Our Travel Services:-

Flights Booking:-

The Koala Travels offers impeccable flight booking services at very low prices as compared to others. Being the prestigious travel merchandise, you can foresee for outstanding services from our side. As per your travel plans and inclination, we arrange the best and economical flight tickets adding some attractive benefits. We consider your priorities then proceed further accordingly. If you have any preferences respective your tour, you can share while disclosing your trip details. Further, our travel experts will arrange all the inevitable amenities for you. We have a proven track record of offering impeccable flight booking services for your holiday trips and tours. Hence, you can randomly approach us and we will play our role to make it memorable. We believe to offer best, hence, we are the best travel agents in Chandigarh.

Domestic/International Tour Packages:-

It is the product that we actually offer. We render affordable domestic and international tour packages for different tourist destinations to our clients. So that they can spend some relaxing time and reduce the corporate burden. If you are planning for a holiday vacation, you can contact us to book your tour packages at very low rates. We have a long inventory of iconic tourist destinations across the world such as Bali, Thailand, Maldives, Singapore, Mauritius, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, and many more. These all iconic places offer an amazing experience of enjoying around the beaches, mountains, gardens, and man-made notable textures. You can choose any iconic tourist destination out of them to spend your vacation there. Being the best travel agency in Chandigarh, we provide you the best possible travel assistance to make your tour memorable.

Accommodation Services by the Best Travel Agents in Chandigarh:-

This is often a toilsome job to find the best accommodation while visiting different cities or nations. Sometimes you get frustrated after finding just bullshit in lieu of paying a huge amount for your accommodation. Hence, we are here to offer you budget-friendly deluxe accommodation services with our tour packages. We provide a complete package so that you can avoid any kind of inconvenience while enjoying your vacation. There are many things you look for while searching for appropriate accommodation that includes the services and amenities you prefer. You receive the same while booking your tour packages at a very competitive price. You can share your preferences for accommodation to our experts and they will surely provide you the best. We are among the best travel agents in Chandigarh and we believe to offer the best to our clients.

Rentals Cars:-

Access to the rental car is a luxury for travelers offered by The Koala Travels. There are special provisions for those excursionists who want to cover the domestic distances on wheels. This is something exciting and a part of adventurism absolutely opposite of a smooth flying journey. It offers a broad view of the surroundings while sitting inside the car. If you like to travel on wheels more than flying journey then you can book rental cars. Our travel experts will arrange an affordable domestic journey for you. We also provide rental cars for roaming across tourist destinations after reaching the city or country. You can plan a schedule to visit your favorite places by car.

Access the 24/7 Helpline:-

Being the best travel agents in Chandigarh, we offer a special helpline service to our clients which is a 24/7 helpline. This is something that assists and guides the rovers for their queries. It is a full proof service that you can access anytime from any corner of the world. Our experts will always be available to solve your queries and to reed you of the inconvenience. Whenever you face any difficulties during your tour, you just need to contact the helpline number. And you will certainly get an immediate solution from our travel experts.

Travel Insurance:-

This is a freebie for our customers. We offer travel insurance to our clients for certain time-span with certain benefits. It is very rare that a travel company provides travel insurance to customers while booking their tour packages. But we made it available for our clients. You will get all the details about travel insurance while booking your tour packages. Our experts will explain all the terms and conditions of travel insurance as well as all the possible benefits. This is something very beneficial for travelers that aid at the time of any mishap.

Get your Tourist Visa:-

We have an official visa department that provides tourist visas to travelers. It deals professionally to increase the chances of your visa approval. As you all are aware that it needs a visa to visit other countries. Hence, we also offer a tourist visa to give you a complete package. You do not need to roam anywhere to get your tourist visa as we will provide you the same. So be assured of our full-proof services and enjoy your vacation roaming across the top attractions of the world.

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