Celebrate Holi this year in Thai style Songkran


After India, it’s the world’s second-biggest friendly water fight festival that halts Thailand for three days. Celebrate this crazy mad going fun-filled festival and know how to make the most of it.

Know what is Songkran first?

Thai New Year also name as ‘Songkran’ , this three-day holiday that’s celebrated around the country as one of Thailand’s most significant holiday, Songkran results in shutting down all the schools, office and business for three days and it let them have break from their stressful life and enjoy this festival at their best. Tourist across the globe especially books their flights in this interval of time. Who would not want to have a water gun fight with anyone they want and they won’t even mind about it?

Songkran 2019 dates are falling on Saturday, April 13 to Friday 15. Usually, this festival begins on the previous two days so that it becomes a whole week of holiday.

Although it is also known as the world’s biggest water fight, the significance of water goes way beyond just having fun people have historically splashed water on each other for Songkran to wash away the past and bring luck, prosperity and health for the future.

Songkran depicts fun and entertainment and family time families from all around the country often travel significant distances to spend time together. The first day of Songkran is national Elderly day and national family day.

Generally, the water throwing Songkran was mostly limited to families, who would pour water over each other to bring luck and good health as, like most of the other festivals, it’s since grown into an event that’s much bigger than anyone ever expected. Now every tourist dreams about spending this festive weekend in Thailand.

April mid is the time for Songkran, which is considered to be the hottest time of year in Thailand. As such the three-day of water festival doubles as a great excuse to have fun and cool off from the often uncomfortably hot April weather.

Songkran is celebrated in every corner of Thailand you’ll find the biggest Songkran parties in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya. if you’re travelling to Thailand.

Best Areas in Bangkok to Celebrate Songkran:-

Songkran is celebrated almost everywhere in Thailand, but certain neighbourhoods are a lot more fun than others. We’ve picked the two locations below mostly for the fun factor, as both offer the biggest crowds and most active parties during the three-day holiday.

Tips, Tricks and Etiquette to Survive Songkran:-

Songkran can seem very intense and harsh but with the right attitude and preparation, it’s easy to enjoy the three-day water fight and avoid most safety hazards. know how the tricks to have a fun, safe and faux pas-free Songkran experience:

Safety and Practical Tips:-

Keep all your electronic devices phones, cameras, etc. inside in waterproof plastic pouches before you go to Silom or Khao San Road. Plastic covers are available for around 100 baht near Silom, Khao San Road and other popular areas.

Due to this Bangkok will be shut down during Songkran means you probably won’t be able to get much done if you’re visiting on business. Temples are usually crowded with Thai families that make Songkran a bad time for sightseeing.

Due to this, there will be a huge influx of tourists in Bangkok shortly before every Songkran, making it important that you book hotels ahead of time book very early if you wish to stay close to the action in Silom or on Khao San Road.

Songkran Etiquette:-

This is a fun water fight, not a competitive one so avoid spraying people who make it clear they don’t want to be a part of the water fight and try not to spray people in the face.

Buckle up and fill your water pistol with tap water, not ice-cold water from a vendor while people do use the ice water (mostly Thai teenagers) spraying someone with chilled water is a great way to make yourself a target for even colder water.

Don’t throw water at monks, elderly people or very young children with your water pistol. As most of the people in Silom or Khao San Road are a fair game player and happy to take part in Songkran, but many older people sit out most of the water-based festivities.

Don’t ogle girls with wet clothing. Likewise, don’t be an idiot and pee inside the bottle of your water pistol. Never spray water at people riding motorcycles, since it’s easy for someone to lose control if they’re blinded.

Have fun and feel free to have a few drinks, but avoid getting raucously drunk if you’re celebrating Songkran in a public area like Silom or Khao San Road. Injuries happen at an alarming pace when slippery surfaces and lots of alcohol are combined.

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