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If you are traveling to any country then it totally depends upon you that how would you like to explore it, Hongkong is the perfect amalgamation of urbanity and cultural, it offers thousands of options for its tourist. As city has been managed properly that is why the travelers loves to be around at this perfect city state, Hongkong has many attractions and place to explore for all ages, from gazing night life to beautiful mountains and pristine beaches, read us below even if you do not have too many days there to spend, we can help you to pick up the best ones for your International tour packages Hongkong.

Top picked Places to visit in your International tour packages Hongkong:-

Fond of Sunsets then watch it at Victoria Peak and don’t forget to take the heritage Peak Train Ride:-

To reach at the most popular place of Hongkong, take a bus from the star ferry terminal to Victoria Peak, it’s quite cheap and you would get a chance to encounter from the local culture of Hongkong. While returning visit to the heritage Peak train to come back to the base of the hill, it would be better that you try both the bus ride and the heritage peak train to visit Victoria Peak, as these rides will let you see amazing scenes of this city and when you are at the Victoria peak, walk around the loop that will take you around the hill and capture some stunning views of the Victoria harbor. And do not forget that Victoria peak is also notorious for its fog, so pray for a clear day before you head there.

Encounter the beautiful Symphony lights:-

Who doesn’t love light shows, and Hongkong has a reputation for its light show. The Symphony of lights is maximum 10 min light show that happens on the skyline of the island around 8 PM. It is one of those experience that you should definitely put in the things to do in your International tour packages Hongkong, as the location is very pretty and romantic so it is a must ad in your International honeymoon packages while traveling to Hongkong.

Visit the Museum:-

Museums gives the actual perception of the history of a country, as you cannot explore museum within hours, as it so interesting that it will take almost 2-3 days but you can’t afford to do that. So in order to enjoy the journey museum, try to visit at the main squares as it is a well curated museum that lets you do activities like printing take away souvenirs based on Chinese signs, as these are definitely included in the International tour packages Hongkong. So no need to worry, just ask your trip advisor.

Most adventures of all (Hollywood Street Walk):-

Fly above the city and feel like bird, Hollywood street walk is the most popular zip line that covers temples. You will love the small cafes and street.

Joyful place to go in your International tour packages Hongkong:-

Don’t miss out the Ocean Park:-

Plan your time with your kids, family and friends as this is one of the best thing to do. If you’re traveling alone then you will face little problems to click pics.

Kid’s love Disneyland:-

Its Disneyland is worldwide famous and it should not be missed at all, stay there for at least one night to explore it well as It is a bit away from the main city, 2 hour drive will take you there but you won’t regret it.

Shop to your heart out:-

Hongkong Shopping is one of the big reasons why tourists love this place. It has everything from shining shopping malls to little shops that can you copy of product on the price of fruits, once you will visit then you fall in love with these markets.

Don’t forget to Ride the Trams in your International tour packages Hongkong:-

Hongkong is among from the cities in the world have an active tram network, these little trains are very slow and they are making way for the faster methods of the commute, taking them once in a while for short commutes is worth it and you would experience the region of a different time.

Try out the local cuisines:-

Hongkong is multicultural city and there is no dearth of the cuisines that you can try, you can get it in all range of prices and street foods are the most tasty ones, if you are vegetarian then don’t be disappointed, this city has everything for you, Dim Sums at a Michelin Star restaurant will cover up the rest for you. As all of these information’s were gathered by the best travel agents in Chandigarh and they have handpicked all that for the Budget honeymoon packages Hongkong.

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