Defacing your passport can lead to lose your flight


Imagine…!! You have been planning a 5 to 6 days international tour with your family for six months. All have been going fabulous and all the obligatory preparations and arrangements are done appropriately. You reach the airport with your fully packed bags and so exciting and cheerful family on your date of flight and you go through the airport checking officials. Suddenly, you get breaking news that you are not going to board your flight from a checking official at the airport while checking your passport …..Ah!! What will be your reactions….? Shockingly, you will ask the official, why so….? He will say that there is a cartoon drawn in your passport which is strictly not admissible in any official passport so you will have to postpone all the plans and come with us instead of going to catch your flight…..oh no!! Annoyingly, you will punch on the wall and give a hard look to your children and shout on your soul mate. You will be just like, what’s going on? Now your international tour will remain a dream for you and your family and your money and most awaited exciting plans will go in vain. It will be disappointing for you but do you know? You may be penalized for the same.

News from Thailand:-

An identical incident happened with a man who was going to South Korea with a group of people. His Thailand passport was found to have some kind of drawn symbol and written material and in lieu, he was stopped to board his flight and guess what, he was going for a group tour which he had to cancel. Also, the Thailand official authority warned the people to avoid defacing their passport again. So be responsible and caring toward your passport and avoid defacing your passport otherwise you can miss your flight on the date of your flight.

Washed out Indian passport:-

I remember another recent incident that happened with an Indian citizen who was penalized rupees five thousand from the court for not keeping safe his passport. He was stopped to travel to any foreign country due to a damaged passport. That person told the court that he had to go to a foreign country and for the same; he went Delhi to apply for a visa. He stayed in his friend’s house where the incident took place. His passport was in his pant pocket and the maid put his pants into the washing machine for washing without taking any permission and his passport also washed out with clothes. He admitted his carelessness toward the security of his passport and paid the penalized amount to the court. So if you are planning to visit any country in the world or travelling for any purpose, beware! And take care of your passport and also other official documents otherwise you can come across such incidents and you will be ashamed of yourself. With reference to these incidents, we understand our responsibilities and duties as the best travel agents in Chandigarh towards our customers and we always try our best to aware you through our blogs and social media posts.

Additionally, if you are made up your mind to apply for your passport, you should be acquainted with the concernment and usage of your passport. As it is recognized as an unquestionable highest authentic identification of a citizen of a country that is used to specify the citizenship of a person so you cannot be lenient with the safety of your passport. Don’t be hurry to fill the forms and obtain your passport because even a single mistake can lead you not to receive your passport and in lieu, you will be wandering through. We will not ruin your precious time by explicating a Passport which you already know as an aware citizen of your country. But being best travel company in Chandigarh, we will tell and guide you a few significant points which you should know to avoid inconvenience during your travel or while applying for a new passport.

Few important points to know:-

  • Disclose all the important information which is required while applying for a passport. Any hidden information can become a barrier in the path of obtaining your official passport. Always provide correct details about your current address so that the verification process can be easily done by the officials.

  • Always check your passport validity and ensure that it should be valid for more than that time of period for which you are going to abroad as per the country requirements. Few countries demand that your passport validity should be 90 days above to your staying period in the country. If it is not so, apply to renew your passport.

  • You should have enough blank pages in your passport, if do not have, apply for renewing your passport.

  • Ensure the authenticity of your passport; it should not be a duplicate copy.

  • Do not write and draw anything in your passport otherwise, you can be one of the above-mentioned citizens.

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