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Ladakh, it is also called India’s own moon land where you can explore the beauty of sparse land. The ethnicity and culture, the plethora of a large range of Snow clad Mountains enhance the milky atmospheric beauty. If you are on the mode of adventure, like to thrive on wavy ways, transverse cold mountains, and hills. Then this destination is a pilgrimage of escapade. Thrills could be an unforgettable experience for you. Don’t keep yourself in the apprehensive mode because exploration could not be hurdle free without the guidance of your tour advisors, contact to your best travel agents in Chandigarh for knowing excited domestic tour packages Ladakh.

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Kick start your journey with dream motorbike:-

If you think your physical and mental tenacity is good enough to quest adventures on thorny roads then you must plan to visit Ladakh via road only. Riding on the coarse road sometimes does not seem like a road. During rain, the road gives the feel that you are riding on Fury River. Crossing glacier fronts perhaps let down the speed of the bike. And In some circumstances, there are possibilities of phasing issues of oxygen. Don’t worry this is just beginning of thrill!!!! But during riding you will enjoy the look of beautiful and magnificent valleys, perhaps you might not have seen in whole life before, they might hallucinate you that they are following you when you see in front mirror. Be ready to take bungee experience, surely this inferno ride will take you the zenith heaven of North India, with no doubt you will love this expedition. Contact to your Chandigarh travel agent for arranging your rides from Chandigarh, if you are coming from other parts of India. If you plan to reach Ladakh by air transportation then there is connectivity of Ladakh (Leh) airport from major cities of India. You can avail bikes on rent at Ladakh once you land. One of the most renowned best travel agents in Chandigarh is here to plan and make an itinerary of your majestic journey. Contact Koala Travels and Holidays for details.

Horripilate your journey for getting and goosebumps prickle in your body, here are the few fussed places:-

Enjoy the delicacy of lavish cuisine of Ladakh:-

Here’s gastronomy is completely influenced by Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese. They have created the fusion of all those nations' food which takes your taste buds on another mode. Assorted paratha’s, kulchas, pilaf, thukpa’s, dumplings are the renowned delicacies of Ladakh. Beverages are like herbal tea, butter tea, etc, coffee, and some non-alcoholic beverages like beer, traditional ‘’Chang” are being served in all restaurants of Ladakh. Capture a gigantic view of mountains while sitting in a restaurant or roadside Dhabaa’s. Stimulate your vigor, go for the next exploration get in touch with the best travel agents in Chandigarh for more information.

Feel the magic of gravitational force at magnetic hill:-

Switch off the engine, keep your vehicle on neutral mode (on specifically marked zone) and see the illusion of nature where automobile starts moving upward under resistance mode. Magnetic hill is just 30-40 kilometer away from Leh and around 1450 ft higher than the sea level. Due to outstanding magnetic properties of anti-gravitational force makes this zone one of the most visited destinations. Every year tourists rush this place for watching the magnetic enchantment of nature. Enthusiastic tourist avails your domestic holiday packages and opts this mysterious and awe-inspiring place on the top list of your journey in domestic tour packages Ladakh.

Green Oasis at Nubra Valley:-

The lush greenery of this valley has a tremendous panorama view on the grandiose extent. Riders can also experience second attractions of the devastated palaces, sand dune, and local culture. Enjoy the generic view of Nubra and Shyok Valleys whiling driving or walking, dam surely your mind will insist you take a snapshot. The long bank of the river, monasteries are the key attractions of this valley.

Expedition of a frozen river in domestic tour packages Ladakh:-

One of the antique and very challenging tracks on the frozen Zanskar River in Ladakh. Curious and adventurous trackers very often visit this place for exploring the miraculous beauty of nature. Most often these rivers become frozen in from January to till the beginning of March or still the winter is untamed. You need to register local tourism authorities for exploring this journey. The ice is completely frozen into transparent sheet form, you can see the inside flowing water. Don’t miss to visit the most famous Tibb Cave, have a look at it with the sip of butter tea and bone fire. This is the place where you can feel the unforgettable experience of your life.

Wonderland, hot spot for film shoots….Pangong Lake visit with your honey:-

Most beautiful mountains of the Himalayas surrounded by sparkling blue water lake is situated at the height of 4350 meters. In the Ladakh region, one side is attached to India and another adjacent to Tibet. Pangong Lake if the most preferred lake for movie shooting. Bollywood movie maker’s top romantic destinations which boost the feel of the saga (remember 3-idiots). The great feature of this lake is it changes its color during the changes of seasons which makes it an exclusive and major center of attractions to tourists. The beauty of the flawless scenery and splendid landscape can keep this place on your wish list when you visit Ladakh. Honeymooners don’t miss to add this place while planning domestic honeymoon packages Ladakh.

Tso Moriri Wildlife sanctuary…Must visit for rare species:-

Declared wetland reserve by Indian régime is situated at Mountain Lake at the height of 2000 meters. The peak time to visit starts from March-end to until the beginning of next winter. The rest of the time this area becomes completely frozen. Blue crystal water, the mixture of green, yellow grass carpet, thriving of species make this place paradise on the planet. Still, this destination is partial touch by a human due to its climatically challenges. Don’t miss to touch this untouched place getting an extraordinary experience. Contact to your travel agent for availing various domestic packages for trip to Ladakh.

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