Dussehra: A sacred excursion in International travel packages


Lord Rama the sign of Maryadapurshottam his persona is recognizes for his bonhomie nature. The celebration of Dussehra acclaims the victory of good on treacherousness, where lord Rama defeated ruler king Ravana who had abducted Maa Sita from Panchvati (located @ Nashik, Maharashtra) during their exile period. Since that time, this festival is being celebrated for the sign of victory. Another part of the globe especially pan Asia's Hinduism following countries also commends Vijayadashmi/ Dussehra every year. Plan this divine journey with the best travel company in Chandigarh and rejoice in the true spirit of festivities. Koala Travels and Holidays proffering value for money international travel packages at upto 30 percent discounted rate.

Let's make this pilgrimage journey with a blend of historic places

Sri Lanka…explore the native place of King Ravana in International tour packages Sri Lanka

The triangular-shaped island is adjacent to the subcontinent of India. Has supremacy of Hinduism. All Hindu festivals like Mahashivratri, Deepawali are the most prominent celebrations of this country. Vijayadashami is not the predetermined festival of this county although people of this nation do not worship as almighty to King Ravna, they give reverence to him as a good king of the nation who had a strong belief in Lord Shiva. Even though Vijayadashmi is not a traditional festival for them but remembers this day for the tragic end of their King.

Sri Anjaneyar Temple

This temple is made for the commemoration of Hanumana who stayed here when he came here to rescued Seeta Mata. 45-kilometer away from the capital of Sri Lanka. See the archeological work on the temple which tells the whole story of absolution.

Seeta Aman temple

Ruler King kept Seeta when he snatched and brought her from Panchvati. The whole storyteller depictions can see on the temple side at Nuward Elya during your excursion.

Kataragama Temple, Uva

This temple is made for the worship of Lord Kartikeya Subhramaniam who helped Lord Rama during the battlefield when Ravana instigated Bramhastra.

Divurumpola temple

Located at Nuwara Eliya, where Seeta had faced the ordeal when Lord Rama met her after defeating Ravana.

Muniswaram temple, Puttalam

This temple’s history is related to Lord shiva when lord Rama triumph over Ravana he visited this place in the pursuit of peace. On the occasion of Dussehra festival, ritual things are held here.

Explore this Dussehra with the Hindu culture in International tour packages Singapore

The Hindu style of living was the influence on Singapore before the wide expansion of Islam. During the beginning of the 19th century, lots of immigrants migrated to Singapore especially for the southern part of India and they restabilized the culture of Hinduism. You can found Dravidam's form of architecture in their temples. You can find few temples, where the mixed way of construction of temples influenced on the north and south Indian architecture. Except for a few temples in Singapore are based on pantheon. Whereas Malaysia celebrates this eve as milk pot procession, they called it “Vijayadashmi”, where the devotees carry milk pot on the head accompanying the tone of Indian classical music on the road. Anointment proceedings and beautiful sculpture display of Maa Durga's killing position of Mahishasur organized on the occasion of Vijayadashami. You can also see the cultural Kumi dance on the occasion of this festival. Take a tour of colorful and vivid sculptures of the temple, don’t skip these remarkable temples from your list.

  • Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple at Balestier and Serangoon Road, near Little India.
  • Sri Krishnan Temple, view 10 incarnations sculpture in this temple @ Bras Basah Road, Victoria Street.
  • Sri Ramar Temple, oldest Vaishnavite temple in Singapore at Changi Road.

    Batu caves temple, the pilgrimage center of Hindus @ Malaysia.

  • Sri Shakti Devasthanam @ Bukit Rotan, Makaysia.

Celebrate Dashain in international tour packages Nepal

The homeland of Devi Seeta (Born and bought up in Janakpur). Seeta Jayanti, Janaki Jayanti, and Vivaha are the few festivals being celebrated in Nepal for long decades. The purpose of the celebration of Dashain is the same as the recognition of victory of good on over malevolence. Devotees do rituals on the occasion of the Durga Puja festival. Throughout the 10 days festival, you can explore the ethnic and epic hot spots of Nepal. Taste the relish food, experience the cultural exhibition and fairs, and get blessings from Maa Durga ritual ceremony. Plan this precious journey with the best travel agent in Chandigarh and avail up to 30% discount.

See the sights of Lumbini…..Birthplace of Lord Buddha

If you are the explorer, assimilator, and acquiring the skills of meditation then visit Buddish Pilgrimage town Lumbini. This spiritual place set apart with monasteries, Mayadevi temple is the second tourist attraction where Lord Buddha (Prince Siddharth) was borne. Learn meditation at the Lumbini garden where Buddhist monks deliver their skills of deliberation. Come and rejuvenate your soul on the occasion of Dashain.

Take the Golden experience at Kathmandu City

The capital of Nepal is known for its ancient architecture. This city is renowned for diversified history, Hindu and Buddhist cultural values. Feel the natural and cultural experience on this Dashain festival, capture the traditional solemn ceremony in your memory; you will definitely keep yourself in devotional mode once you visit this city.

Market shopping in an exciting place for the whole family to shop

During the Dashain festival, you can spare time for shopping at a reasonable rate once you are through with the tour. Lots of local markets are full of flocks. Don’t miss to buy and bring handicrafts made by locals to your home as a memory or to give the gift to your loved one. This is the best part of Nepal which will give you balance the experience of devotion as well as adventure. Koala travels and holidays will give you the feel of the cake on icing once you book the International travel packages from them.

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