5 Major Reasons Why You Should Travel to Malaysia


Travellers across the world head straight to Thailand or Vietnam but miss out on the exotic jungles, wildlife and empty beaches of Malaysia, here are 5 non- negotiable reasons why you should travel to Malaysia for holiday vacation.

Why Malaysia this time?

As it has the lush and wild all together , Malaysia is unexplored part of the world teeming with wildlife castaway beaches , coral reefs and monstrous mountains to be climbed ,while while the cities host a vibrant district, colonial architecture and traditional stronghold of different ethnicities and religion the country ‘s hinterland is home of granite peaks.

Let’s stop discussing further more and check out the 5 awesome reasons that convince to visit Malaysia:-

1) Trek in the oldest rain forest in the world:-

if you are jungle trekker then Malaysia is the right place for you, then Malaysia has no shortage for them, Taman Negara, literally translated to the “ national park “has a reputation of being the oldest rain forest of the world , it is said that it is older than 130 million years as it is home to many rare species like elephant, monkeys and also home to a critically endangered Sumatran rhinoceros. Malaysia is one of the last places on earth where you will find this endangered species, they are just 200 in numbers. For trekking head to Sarawak’s Gunung Gading where you can also see the world ‘s largest flower.

2) Relax on some of the best-untouched beaches of Malaysia:-

Malaysia has also the number of pristine clear water beaches not only Thailand. It also has dozens of tiny beaches and islands on both side of the west side and east coast, beaches of Malaysia has lower crowd less pollution and they are cheaper but these beaches can’t be visited between October and march as of the monsoon season.

3) Soak in the vibrancy of Kuala Lumpur:-

as the airport is in Kuala Lumpur so mostly travellers have to start their journey from Kuala Lumpur. this city has a vibrant, colourful and rich in flavours of traditional plus urbanity, from sprawling markets, up markets and shopping mall, sky scrapper and mélange of Buddhist temples, mosques and Hindu temples it is a great place and there is nothing you won’t be able to find.

4) Experience scuba and caving:-

Scuba diving in Malaysia might turn out the best thing that you have ever done in Malaysia and relatively cheap, whether your interest lies in macro diving or coral reefs ( the island of Borneo is famous for the diving spot) and after that you can find the largest cave chamber of the world in Gunung Mulu national park in Sarawak its 700 meters wide and 70 meters high.

5) Feast on its rich heritage of Malaysia:-

That one thing that unites all its pocket of ethnicities, religion and landscape that is food, Malaysia food is paradise – there is so much variety to choose from, and each dish and platter is deeply rooted in tradition.

My guide for Malaysia:-

When to go:-

Tropical climate is all over the country, therefore warm weather is guaranteed from 32c /89f at noon and in midnight 26c /78f, the best time to visit is in April to October to avoid the monsoon.

Getting around:-

Best and cheap way to get there would be your aeroplane or travelling by the car is also another fast way to travel to get around the country Malaysia has excellent highway network.

cost of travel:-

The currency used in Malaysia is ringgit, as you can choose to live in a hostel where you will get less price for a bed or you can select from 5 stars also but for the alcohol lovers this country has very rates compared to other south-east Asian countries, so this is bad news for them.

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