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Maldives is the paradise on earth and it retains its lavish image that keeps on attracting International tourists for its extravagant beauty and of course this is place retains a lot of romance as well. From the moment Maldives was disclosed for tourism, it has been an obvious choice to visit to have the best beach holiday ever. International tour packages Maldives has always been the first choice for booze and beach holiday and it would make you feel quiescent, simply where you can relax at beaches and or have fun at water sports, with its crystalline lagoons and azure water. Maldives humbly welcomes every one and it’s also considered as one of the best place for honeymoon and people who come to rejuvenate amid the scenic Island of Maldives. Here we have handpicked some of the best places for you, without wasting time let us take a look at them.

Romantic place not to miss in your International honeymoon package in Maldives for Couples:-

Maldives have beautiful water bungalows those are offering romantic hideout villas, a perfect paradise for couples to find out their real connection. There are more 75 Islands on Maldives and we have mentioned them below some of the exquisite ones.

Known for its villas COMO Cocoa Island:-

Maldives have hundreds of Islands but this Island is very famous, COMO Cocoa is one of the most well known and luxurious Island on Maldives. This Island holds up to large number of resorts and the best part of it all is the presence of the water villas, you can’t miss out this patience staying in one of these. This Island has 33 water villas, Once you’re location is sorted.

Next one on the list is Baros Island:-

Want to escape from city life trap then this is the ideal place to be for you. It is one of the most preferred city and is being sun-kissed beaches and boutique luxury resort, this Island is famous for its natural elegance and beautiful corals. After cocoa beach Baros holds the recovererd for having to hashe client, a number of water villas as well as Island resorts providing luxe amenities, along with a few restaurants and bars in the vicinity. In Baros, you can dip your feet in the cyan-blue water and relax your muscles in the spa. International tour packages Maldives offers varieties of adventure sports to the couples, those who are sports junkies.

Next you must have heard about Mihiri Island

Generally people loves couple friendly places to see be in and who see get who love a complete gets their detoxing environment as no television sets are provided. I mean, why would you even need one? This hotels provides excellent rooms that are made ideal for honeymooners. The Island also has diving and snorkeling water sport options made available at International tour packages Maldives.

Yes finally, finally we are at Male Island!

As this Island has very hype of popularity and also it offers great water sports, night market has very good option for souvenir shopping. So, don’t forget to ask your tour advisor to add this place in your International tour packages Maldives and if you are you looking booze clubs at Maldives, so here is the time for your visit to the restaurants, bars, and pubs, tourists are attracted to it with its wide genre of cultures and party culture, will occupy you all day, but the best party is that the international airport is located here, right from the time you reach, you can explore its surroundings.

Some of International tour packages for family vacationing with family can be very tricky, ofte, elders prefer the beach and spa while youngsters prefer the water sports. Although Maldives have everything to offer for all age range, here are a few best family-friendly Islands offering well-maintained resorts dedicated for a perfect family holiday.

Huvahendhoo Island is the place for your International tour packages for family in Maldives:-

This is the most famous place of Maldives and you can chill, relax, party and shop here. Huvahendhoo has the best resorts and Spa that serves best facilities for those who come in packs, it is considered as the best family-oriented resort Island that houses luxurious rooms and also restaurants from all range of prices and apart from that they serve special delicacies for little ones. The children can spend time in the ‘Kids’ Club.’ There are two swimming pool, tennis courts and billiards and beach volleyball. You will never run out of activities here in Huvahendhoo Island, Lily Beach Resort and Spa.

And one of the most favorite Island that is not supposed to get missed in your International tour packages for family in Reganli Island:-

Rangali Island is one of the best places to stay when on a vacation with family. In Rangali Island you can club and enjoy various family oriented activities like snorkeling and diving as well as Island hopping, fishing, dolphin sighting. All the resorts in the Island also has a Kids’ Club, where infinity swimming pool, spa and indoor sports are provided. And for the kids in your International tour packages Maldives.

Whale Submarine is quite famous amongs kids:-

As it has been popular for the kids location and it has one of the best things to do or experience with your kids while in Male, the capital Island. Just so you don’t get confused by its name, Whale Submarine is not for viewing whales but observing life on a reef and it is a popular highlight in the Island. This underwater tour will get you to see colorful corals and beautiful marine species. All these information has been collected and shared by the best Chandigarh travel agency.

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