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Maldives the tropical country known for its phenomenal white arenaceous beaches, beautiful aqua of Indian Ocean. This place will definitely bring you beyond your imagination in regards to fun, food, entertainment and exploration of marvelous destinations. International tour packages Maldives is total amalgamation for making your journey pleasurable. Maldives has more than 26 atolls and around 1300 spectacular island, each one has its own identity. All islands are flourished with white sand beaches, long-range of coconuts and palm trees and blessed with lagoons, sea fish. Once you reach the Maldives you cannot keep away yourself from the thrilling Marine life which will surely magnetize you for snorkeling and diving.

Dislodge tensions; keep this material world away from your sole and be ready for camping, snorkeling on a coral island, and fishing. The heritage of sanity is calling you. Just need to book package from Koala Travels and Holidays who will give you the antique choice of International tour packages Maldives. Come and discover the beauty of archipelago with the travel agents in Chandigarh.

Must visit these place during your expedition:-

Are you in the whimsical mood then visit Alimatha Island

One of the most renowned coral island all over the globe. Travelers who visit Maldives never miss enjoying on the atoll of this place. It is very nearer to International airport “Hulhule” and you can easily get commute to reach you here. Uninhabited but Privately operated island by Alimatha Resort will cater you various hospitality like health spa, scuba diving, yoga center, fishing on a coral island.

The capital on island……Male

The capital of garland islands eminent for a national museum, one of the oldest mosques who have a history of archeology and collection of imperial antiquities. Gourmet of fish dishes would be the reason which would definitely exert a pull on visiting Male and its nearby places. On the other hand, artificial beaches are the other preference to whom who likes manmade infrastructure rather enjoying in untouched islands. The nature given island hulhumale would be the second choice for you for feeling synthesis of inner-city life with the joy of atoll life. And the last but not least don’t forget to visit the two beautiful palaces namely Muleeaage palace which has been the residence of the honorable president of democratic Maldives since the proclamation and other one is Medhu Ziyaarath distinguished for its colorful architecture. All this you can enjoy in International tour packages Maldives.

The glow of beach, feels @ Night…Vaadho Island in International tour packages Maldives

The experience of dreamland and lucid appearance of water and see the replica of stars phenomenon on seawater, no doubt this small beach will certainly hypnotize you because of the microorganism called phytoplankton. Come and experience the night dawn on this place. This wonderful beach is located near Male (around 8-10 kilometer). Enjoy the glimpses of night view on the beach. The best appropriate place for family and honeymoon lovebirds all seasons in the year. Must keep this destination in your wish list during a tour to the Maldives. Consult your travel agent for best and precised budget honeymoon package.

Niyama Island…the perfect combination for family and honeymooners as well

Private possess island made with two isles, one is made for family tourist and the second one for honeymoon travelers. You can feel the amalgamation of nature and culture of Maldives. Facilitate recreational activities, sports clubs for all ages. Never forgettable warm welcome from the team would create a center of attention in your subconscious mind. Feel and enjoy the epicure and connoisseur hospitality of the resort.

Meeru Island Maldives

Enchanting and awe-inspiring beach which is surrounded by the stunning aquatic atmosphere is the unique specialty of this coral island. Assist with open-air restaurants delighted with aromas of multi-cuisine foods will stimulate your appetite. Enjoy the harmony of lavish food with cold beverages. This tourist spot is just 8 km away from the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport through speedboat. Every tourist kept this place in his bucket list.

Kudahuvadhoo Island

This island combines with urban charisma and allure and expected natures marvel. At any age of tourist can get pleasure from this auspicious place. Since so many decades this place has been attracting sightseers for its relishing water sports, fishing, scuba diving. The regime has facilitated its own certified tour guides, ferries for the convenience of you. However, this place creates a pleasurable environment but its also habitat of inexplicable old monticule, detection of souvenir. An ancient mosque, Hadigilla reef are the best places to visit on this island. If you are dolphin lover then enjoy the dolphin leap during fishing contact for your best travel company in Chandigarh for more details of this island they will give you all details about the tour itinerary and handsome packages.

Will take you from furor…Mirihi Island

If you are fed up with tempest world and want to rejuvenate your soul with the accompany of natures peace this place is perfect for you. Overwater shelters, the beautiful sunset and sunrise view on the ocean will take you beyond your imagination. You will get a complete package of lavish junket, meditated devotion and full of fun recreational activities. Enthusiastic travelers can luxuriate under the crystal clear aqua journey, diving aficionados can have snorkeling and know the underwater nature. Lots of things can be done on this land. Fishing, windsurfing, traditional water sports might proliferate you stay longer. This is the specialty of this awe-inspiring place. Exclusive reef and white sandy beach will relief deep into sanity. Honeymooners can enjoy the consolation of calm and peace of the island without any interruptions. A long walk on the beach with bare fit could acupuncture your nerves. Dusky breeze arouses you and will tell, you are not done yet, and nightlife is waiting for you. So be ready to boats off on the bungalows of Mirihi island for a pleasant stay.

So, don’t be confused for planning to visit this spectacular land of islands in International tour packages Maldives, Koala Travels and Holidays has brought to you this entire collective information to you for your interest which is the best travel agency in Chandigarh. This wonderful itinerary and information about the places will unquestionably take you a striking and unforgettable journey to the Maldives.

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