Mauritius for Honeymoon Packages – The Perfect Destination

Mauritius for Honeymoon Packages

Certainly, the fulfillment of expectations means a lot when you tie the knot your soul mate making the moment unforgettable. You want to spend some special moments in the surroundings of natural beauties. You also plan your honeymoon making an itinerary full of enthralling and romantic events. Enjoyment in beaches, experiencing water sports, shopping, chilling at the bars, and partying, can be part of your itinerary. Hence, Mauritius is the perfect place where you can spend some idyllic moments with your loving one. It offers also several captivating destinations that make it the perfect place for honeymoons and vacations. If you choose Mauritius for honeymoon packages, it can be the best decision you made for your honeymoon. So, here is a perfect guide for your honeymoon in Mauritius. We hope you find it enthralling for your honeymoon.

Stay at the Best Hotels in Mauritius for Honeymoon Packages

Stay at the Best Hotels in Mauritius for Honeymoon Packages

First of all, the foremost thing is to find deluxe hotels in Mauritius where you can foresee some affectionate moments together. The country offers the same as per your expectations. A huge number of hotels and resorts are there that are perfect for married couples. They provide assurance of a pleasant time arranging all essential things to give you a romantic time with your soul mate. If you have enough in the pocket then certainly the lavish five- stars Oberoi Beach Resort is the best option for you. Also, several hotels offer cheap deals as per your budget. Those include Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa, Holiday Inn, Intercontinental Resort, and many more. Furthermore, you must take help from the tour and travel in Chandigarh; The Koala Travels to select the best hotel for your honeymoon. As a result, you won’t regret to choose Mauritius for honeymoon packages.

The Bay, Beaches and Waterfalls

The Bay, Beaches and Waterfalls

The destination for a vacation will not remain the same but the charm of beaches and waterfalls will always remain the same. This is called the peerless beauty of nature. In the surroundings of Mauritius, you will only find the Infinite Ocean, Beaches, Steady Waterfalls, Mountains, Valleys, and Greenery. The hotels and resorts are located near the beaches adjusting the window views of nature. There are several beaches and waterfalls in Mauritius that offer an amazing opportunity to honeymooners to capture their special moments in Camera while splashing water. You must experience the enthralling water sports at the beaches holding the hand of your partner.

Being the best travel company in Chandigarh, we prepared a list of great beaches and waterfalls in Mauritius that are the best options for your honeymoon enjoyment. You must add these places to your itinerary for your honeymoon in Mauritius.

  • Le MornebeachTamarin Bay
  • Gris Gris Beach
  • Riviere Des Galets Beach
  • Blue Bay Beach
  • Alexandra Falls Mauritius
  • Chamarel Waterfall
  • Rochester Falls

Port Louis: Capital City of Mauritius

Port Louise is the focal point of those who desire to deeply experience the unmatchable charm of Mauritius. It is also the administrative and business capital of the country consists of several amazing honeymoon and tourist destinations. It has been very consistent to attract a huge number of international travelers toward the territories of the island. As honeymooners, you can easily find some amazing places for honeymoon in this city. Hotels, resorts, monuments, museums, heritages, theatres, and the art galleries are the must-visit places in this capital city. You must add this city in your itinerary while booking your tour packages of Mauritius. Best places to visit in Port Louise include:

  • La Place D’Armes
  • Port Louis Theatre
  • Statue of Mahe de la Bourdonnais
  • Blue Penny Museum
  • The Caudan Waterfront
  • China Town
  • AapravasiGhat
  • Fort Adelaide

Take a Tour to the North

Take a Tour to the North

When it is about the northern part of Mauritius, Grand Bay is the first destination that comes to our mind. It is the premier place for international tourists and travelers. As tourists, you will find several opportunities to experience the adventurism of Mauritius Marine life. You must experience safe swimming, sailing, windsurfing, parasailing and enjoying water sports in Grand Bay. Apart from enjoying the beach, you both can have a wonderful experience of spa & massage near the beaches. For better guidance, you can take help for the best travel agents in Chandigarh - the Koala Travels.

An Amazing Night Life

An amazing nightlife is waiting for you in Mauritius. Why not enjoy a sip of wine dancing together amidst the thumping heat of the rock & rap music. Partying hard at the bar must be part of your honeymoon album. The magnificent night-clubs, bars, pubs, and cafes in the northern part of Mauritius represent wonderful nightlife to the local inhabitants and international tourists. It is promised that you are not going to miss anything after choosing Mauritius for honeymoon packages. So, be ready to take your honeymoon to a different level.

Prepare your Bucket List

You should not miss shopping in Mauritius as this country represents a bundle of opportunities for quality shopping. You must prepare your post-wedding bucket list to shop at Sunset Boulevard at Grand Bay. Several useful handicraft items, local fashion products, paintings, jewelry, and other useful shopping materials will brighten your eyes and compel you to enlarge your bucket list.

Dine with your Dearest

Do not miss the chance to dine together at a Chinese-Mauritian restaurant under the dim light that is the symbol of a romantic dinner. Spend a long time talking and sharing foods. It will add a flavor of love and care to every bite. Taste the flavor of Mauritian cuisine. It will compel you to come again with your loveliest person on the island. As the best travel agency in Chandigarh, we recommend you to select Mauritius for Honeymoon Packages.

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