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Sri Lanka the country surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. This beautiful small island country is ornamented with abundance types of best beaches. Cordial weather, sandy sun-kissed beaches would be the harmonized destination. Beryl colors of sea aqua and the delighted yummy local specialty feasts will give you an unforgettable experience on the occasion of valuable time spend with your family in International tour packages Sri Lanka.

Koala Travels and Holidays offer a special customized package for family excursionists who are planning to move from October to January especially on sun, sand and surf vacation on beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. Keep your worries away, contact to travel agency make a reservation, and pack your luggage, catch a flight to Sri Lanka. Our escorts and tour guide will make this journey more happening and creative. Discover the unique coastline of Sri Lanka for International tour packages for family edition.

Don’t miss opportunities to visit top preferred beaches and local diversities of food.

Bentota Beach:-

Just 70-80 kilometer far away from the Colombo city geographically situated on the west coast of this nation. People use commutes either train or any kind of road transportation. Enjoy the scenic view of lagoons, beachside sports and enamor to your family by taking rest in front of the beach. Captivating beachside markets would be the second center of attraction for you. Nestled palm and coconut trees create a prodigious view of Bentota beach. Water canoeing, kayaking, jet-skiing can be enjoyed with a calm and quiet flow of lagoon water. Picturesque the versatility of river banks while traveling on riverboats. Add on more itineraries in your international tour packages for experiencing enchanting moments. Seafood lovers are welcome to savor the titbits and main courses on the beachside with their own specialty in preparations like Continental, Indian, Chinese, and Oriental and of course Sri Lankan as well.

Best beach for stragglers… the unblemished Hiriketiya beach in International tour packages Sri Lanka:-

The most cleaned and unpolluted beach of Sri Lanka situated on the south coast side bay. Due to the heavy crown on the west coast, excursionists opt to visit this beach nowadays. The curve forming the shape of this beach makes sea waves in high. This adventurous beauty will mesmerize you and stick to you on this beach for longer hours. Organize small picnic with family on the softest golden sandy beach, arrange barbeque, tropical fruits and beverages. Isolated and less crowd on the beach makes this paradise heaven on the earth. Palm tree hanging over the bay and sea wind create meditated sound in the evening; definitely, you will remove all over the stress in this environment.

Rush to Capital of Lanka…..Galle face the green beach:-

Sri Lanka’s most favorite and gratifying place where you can enjoy to not only spend precious time on beach side but also in an exotic wildlife park, Buddhist shrines and alluring small islands all these beauties are situated in Colombo city. This beach has a fabrication of the good charm of a rural atmospheric look. Nestled shades in the coconut trees emerge the vivid looks. It is one of the most picnic attractions, especially for the family. Beachside and the riverside areas are captured with food vendors which makes the best street food culture beach in Sri Lanka. Don’t miss the incredible view of the sunset from this beach. This could be your first destination during the journey of beautiful beaches in International tour packages Sri Lanka. Contact your travel agent for International travel packages deals.

Surfer’s zone………..Arugam Kudah:-

Located on southeast coast, frontier sides of the Indian Ocean create the panoramic view. Another curvy fame point break shape of the beach attracts surfers. Backwater areas are the most prominent zone for family tourists. Tour to Pottuvil Lagoon and the outdoor tour on the sea in the search of dolphins are the few striking explorations which no one misses once they reach to Arugam Bay. Nonsurfers can enjoy plenty of other places where they can have sapidity of scrumptious local food on Oceanside restaurants, party at back front guest houses. Sri Lankan food like assorted curries harmony with rice is the most served local food on the bay. October to March would be the tranquil time if you don’t like flock surrounding with you then visit this place very soon. Add this place to your International holiday packages.

ExpeditionSign of neat and clean heaven in Sri Lanka…….Weligama Beach:-

Another calm and serene bay is known for its white sandy village, located in the southern province. This place has a strong influence on the French. You may find the best French architectural style of locals home and resorts as well. About the beach, most parts of the beach are well maintained and cleanest one in Sri Lanka. Ideally, this beach is for strollers, recreational personalities. Marine life spotting and fishing boats are the key attractions. Beginner Surfers must - visit Freedom surf school for learning tactics on water board surfing.

After exploration and getting pleasure from magnificent beaches of Sri Lanka, include two or three days in International tour packages in Sri Lanka to unearth wildlife as well as the green-carpeted mountains of this nation. Crowded rainforests embark jungle safari to various places like Lahubala sanctuary, Galway's land national park and so more will give you untamed exposure. However, tea farming in beautiful rain mountains could be a calm and peaceful journey to you. Don’t miss to visit heaven island country of this globe with Koala Travels and Holidays.

Truly professionals offering you international holiday packages, experts will make a wonderful route for a tour to Sri Lanka. Just need to let us know on which beach you want to spend well worthy time with your loved ones. According to that, we will make an itinerary. Rush to nearest office getting International packages for Sri Lanka.

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