Travel Package Ladakh


Travel Package Ladakh

The affection of every rider and travel enthusiast will instantly connect to is ‘Ladakh’ creating chaos of wanderlust among a largely young crowd today such is the aura of this place when we talk about Ladakh. There is more to it than meets the eye.

Ladakh is the highest situated lands in the world. Or you can say it is the highest establishment in India at an altitude of 4600 meters above sea level. The extreme limits of cultivation take place is in the Tso-Mohiri lake and is widely discerned as the highest fields of the world and these lands are served by the Indus river.

Ladakh has mighty neighbours on both sides. The great Himalayas on one side and the Karakoram range on the other. Due to this, the view of this place is splendid with snow-capped mountains are a major addition to Ladakh’s scenic nature. With the roads leading to this heaven on earth with majestic mountains on either side deserve to be ridden on If you are on two wheels then your ride would be tremendous.

It is India’s cold desert. Just because of the high mountains covering this region from all four sides. The monsoon clouds containing rain are restricted to enter. Therefore leaving Ladakh with no/very minimal precipitation.

Every bikers dream destination, in fact, a bike ride to Ladakh is an experience of a lifetime and the Khardunga La pass is the highlight of this trip. Riders from all over the world dream to conquer this pass, which is the highest motorable point on earth you should visit at least once in their lifetime. And therefore it is no surprise that this is one of the most visited places in India.

Pangong lake beauty cannot be justified with any explanation world has accepted the beauty of it so that many filmmakers have an eye on it to shoot. Standing right between the countries, India and Tibet. It would be a crime to not be visiting this destination while on your trip to Ladakh on a bike ride.

Unimaginable wonderful is the charm of these hills and It is believed that the slopes in the surroundings and the other layouts around create an optical illusion of a car/bike/any vehicle, levitating. It's always fun to listen to all the stories that are discussed trying to reason the mystical nature of the hills.

Ladakh is home to a variety of birds, including some really rare species In this cold climate, nature warmly nurtures a huge number of birds.

Two-humped camels are also known as the Bactrian camels are a major attraction of Ladakh. India is the only place in India where you can find these.


  • Manish Chawla
  • manishmumbaikarchawla@gmail.com

Ques :- Can I reach Leh by Train?

Answer:- No train service to Leh. Get to Jammu and from there you can take bus or shared Taxi to Leh Via Srinagar & Kargil . Alternatively, you could come to Chandigarh by Train and reach leh via Manali by Road.

  • Anshul Kapoor
  • andylaw674@gmail.com

Ques :- What kind of accommodation is available in Ladakh?

Answer:- Ladakh hotels are segregated into four different categories- A, B, C and D. When it comes to A class hotels, their facilities and services are simply comparable to any 3-star hotel.

Each hotel in Leh is designed with the traditional architecture of the region and feature oversized rooms equipped with modern amenities. These rooms are furnished with Ladakhi and Tibetan décor.

  • Arjul Khan
  • arjultrevester@outlook.com

Ques :- What kind of clothing is required for the trip?

Answer:- While you are traveling to Ladakh always be prepared for the cold which you are going to face here. Make sure you cross check the list of all the essentials things you must carry for Ladakh trip. You also might be facing a zero degree temperature along with windy conditions.

So carry woolen clothing with which should include:

  • Woolen Cap
  • Gloves
  • Warm & wind proof jacket
  • Collin Mackenzie
  • theyounglad@yahoo.com

Ques :- How long does it take to get acclimatized in Ladakh?

Answer:- if you are travelling to a height of around 3500 metre, it is seen that most people abrubtly feel the changes all at once. The time taken to acclimatization may vary from person to person.

For some it might need the whole 1st day for rest and for some you can just carry on fine. Try to avoid alcohol at least for first three days, and drink water, juice and tea as much as possible.

  • Samantha Fernandez
  • sweetsam1997@gmail.com

Ques :- How many minimum days are required to explore Ladakh?

Answer:- If you go with the minimum days then it will be around 15 days besides the first two of acclimatization. With many villages and Ladakh monasteries scattered at a lot of places, it will take some time for you to explore all the beautiful places. It might be possible that you want to try hands in mountain trek so you need more time.

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