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Thailand has always been one of the most preferred vacay destinations for us Indians. It’s much closer to home, the cuisine is spicy just the way we like and there are scores and scores of beaches to explore with white sands beneath our feet and crystal clear waters urging us to dive in. It is also a great shopping destination like an upgraded version of Sarojini Nagar 2.0, if you can you will find everything from clothes to electronics etc. So if we tell you that you can take that by an epic road trip to that you’ve been planning for forever for your International tour packages Thailand, but now travel to Thailand for your Honeymoon in your car, believe us! You better because it’s true people.

India To Thailand By Road:-

We explain briefly how is this incredible journey by road possible? The Asian Highway Number 1 that connects the two countries through Myanmar. The Myawaddy-Thinggan Nyenaung-Kawkareik section of this highway specifically is the reason for the best road trip ever. You get to witness the serene northeast as well as the picturesque Bagan and Yangon through Myanmar. Something impossible to witness when you take a flight and which is not included when you take International holiday packages, with roads you will be able to see all the wondrous sights on this road trip.

What are the Documents required:-

Don’t go thinking no documents are required and you can just make a grand entry into Thailand in your fancy car. Even by road, you need to carry these specific documents at all costs if you want to enter Thailand without any hassles. First and foremost a valid passport. It can't have expired or be in the process of renewal. Then, of course, comes Visa which is given on arrival. But for that, you should have already applied well in time and then, carry this application form with you, which is being provided by the travel agents and it is also included in International travel packages. This needs to be done before you enter Myanmar. You can apply here. It is also necessary to fill up the Health forms as well. Fill them up here.

You will also need recent photographs of yourself of the dimensions 35mm x 45mm, set against a white background. Make sure that the pictures aren't older than 3 months then they are not considered as valid in terms of the International packages rule book. Also, carry a copy of your Credit Card as well as 6 months credit card statements. The statements have to come with an original bank seal.

Add to this a minimum balance of ₹ 20,000 per person. You should also have the originals of all currency exchange slips and these should be in the form of USD 500 per person, per week, with their names duty on it. A valid driver's license is also mandatory.

Arrange for all this and all you need to do is drive away! It will take you approx 70 hours to cover this approx distance of 4478 Km. Please keep water and snacks and a first aid kit at all times. Drive safe. In case having any type of confusion about the route and toll taxes you or wants more information you can reach out to this Chandigarh travel agency for better clarity.

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